Thursday, 11 September 2014


Can life be beautiful in a world where insurgency, corruption, bribery, discrimination of all kinds, poverty, diseases, unemployment, political instability, you name them, are the order of the day? Someone may ask. I tell you that there are real people who still enjoy every minute of their lives. That's unrealistic! You said? It is real for I am one of them.

Let's see how this can be.
People with beautiful heart see things differently. They see challenging and hard situations as processes that are
happening together for their goodness sake. When a man with beautiful heart lost a job, for instance, his response will be " I lost that job because God has a better one for me". The next thing he will do is to start preparing for the better job ahead by acquiring more knowledge, making amendments in any area of his past performances (if the need be), and making his relationship with God closer than before because he is fully convinced that God is his source while humans are just channels.

They see unfriendly gestures differently. Whenever someone disapproves of them for no just reason, their reaction is always unexpected. A person with beautiful heart, when treated spitefully, will just say, " I understand she is going through a lot or may be she had a hard day. But it's ok. I will not mind rather let me see how I can help her". You see, the frustration can't be transferred to him, rather he will find a solution to it. People with beautiful heart can't be pissed off because their happiness comes from within them.

Sickness has no place in the life of people with beautiful heart for the following reasons:
  • They feed right, exercise often and maintain proper hygiene. 
  • Above all, Christ Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, and so, by His stripes they are healed. ( 1 Pet 2:25, Isaiah 53:5) I am a living testimony.

The good news is that having beautiful heart can be learned and practised if you so determine. See how:

  1. Live for a positive purpose that serves human need and pursue the purpose with zeal.
  2. Love people because they are God's creatures, not because of who they are, and look out for where you can help.
  3. Own your happiness and let it be independent of unpleasant circumstances, treatment or  "seemingly failures" you may encounter.
  4. See yourself the way God sees you: more than a conqueror in all aspects of life, a disease-free person, one whose protection is from the Head of all Principalities and Powers.
Above all, make Christ your personal Lord and Saviour. You know why? There are unbeliever renowned and respected professors who are not internally fulfilled and happy. There are absolutely wealthy unbelievers who still feel empty despite their untold wealth. There are very powerful and influential unbelievers who know no peace or true happiness. But there is NO true believer in Christ who is not happy and have eternal peace. The reason; only Christ can give the kind of peace and happiness that surpass this world's understanding (2Thes 3:16)

Your turn:
Feel free to share this if think it has something to offer. let others test the tasty food you just ate. 

Best wishes

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