Monday, 18 August 2014


We all want to be happy: no one shuns happiness. Happiness stems from inside of us. Some people look for happiness where it does not exist. We need to understand that happiness is what we own ourselves, and no other person is in a better position to make us happy other than ourselves. In this write up, I discussed ten interesting habits of happy people. Read on.

They believe in themselves
Happy people recognise their abilities. They fully understand that if they don't believe in themselves, no one else will. They have the I-can-do mindset, and so, they always focus their minds on
what they intend to achieve even when everyone around them is saying "you can't do this". No one can ever accomplish a task one feels that one lacks the capacity to do unless one thinks otherwise. Happy people don't wait for people's approval to acknowledge their abilities.

They accept responsibility for their actions
Happy people don't run away from the outcome of their actions; they face the result head on. That is why they think twice before taking an action, and they don't feel reluctant to apologise whenever someone feels hurt by their actions or words. They are very open to criticism. 'I am sorry' is everly on their lips, and it costs them nothing to mutter it.

They are hard working
They know their job: they wait for no one to remind them of it. They are always busy: they don't joke with their time. They are conscious of the fact that there is no food for a lazy man. They work hard to actualise whatever reward they desire. They also do not reap where they did not sow. The reward for their hardwork is one of the things that keep their happiness booming.

They understand that everybody must not like them
Happy people don't expect everybody to like them. They know too well that it is not possible for everyone to
approve of them, and that is what keeps them bouncing in the midst of hatred. Some people will not just like you even before coming in contact with you. Happy people don't allow haters to deprive them of their happiness; their happiness comes from within them and not from outside.

They shun comparing themselves to others
They understand their unique nature, and so, they must not and should not be like every other person. Happy people are contented the way they are; they pursue the height they want to achieve in life the right way. They don't see life as a do or die affair neither do they worry over things they cannot change. They know that another person's success in the area they did not excel does not make them inferior to that person.

They are sociable
Happy people are very friendly and love the company of others because they acknowledge the fact that man is a social animal. They make themselves indispensible in any relationship they are in, but they are not desparate. They put in their best to make their relationships work for they always have the interest of others at heart. They are not selfish.

They cherish their integrity
They are people of non-questionable character; very honest and straight forward. They are never deceptive or dubious. They are honest about their abilities, and keep to their promises.

They hate slandering, backbiting and gossiping with passion 
Happy people derive no joy in slandering, backbiting or gossiping others, rather they stop the moving train of gossip. They don't damage others' image as they would not like theirs to be marred as well.

They don't  play with their health 
Happy people believe that health is wealth, and so, they feed well, eat right and exercise often.

They have close relationship with God 
Interestingly, happy people don't play with their Maker. They acknowledge God as the source of their success for it is not by power or might but by the grace of God who gives the kind of peace this world can never give. Happy people are spiritually active and strong.

I see you that made out time to read this article to the end as a happy one. Just look inward and find out where you are falling short in the above outlined areas, and make the necessary corrections. You are created to be happy, and nothing should take that away from you.

Best wishes

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