Thursday, 7 August 2014


Life is more interesting when we live for something. It does not really matter what the world around you says. what matters is what you do about the situation around you. I believe each and everyone of us is here for a purpose. A life without purpose is not worth living. Inspiration is a creative force that empowers us to actualize our purpose in life. Interestingly, most times, we have to go after inspiration; we don't have to wait for it. I love this quote:

    "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, 
     life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly". 
     Langston Hughes. 

It is one thing to light a candle, and it is another thing to keep the fire burning. Below are tips on how to get inspired and retain the inspiration.
Make a maximum input 
Before one becomes inspired, something must have caused it. It is what you have inside of you that manifests on the outside. Invest in inspiration. Get books and CDs on inspiration. Read and listen to them over and over again. Even when your mind has absorbed the contents, securely keep the books and CDs for future reference. Attend seminars, conferences, and join groups that share similar passion as you. There is no amount of investment in inspiration that
is too much because it pays big time.

Look for Inspiration
Who is that person you so much love what he or she does? Get a mentor. Befriend people who have succeeded in the area you have passion for. Share your dreams with them, and ask them what it takes to be like them. Listen good to their advice and practise them. Read biographies of great people and emulate them. When I left school, it dawned on me that what we learnt in school is just a tip of the iceberg of what is happening in the labour market. Update yourself always, otherwise you will be left behind. Learn from people who had practized and succeeded in your area of interest. Education by apprenticeship can never be over emphasized.

Join the moving Train
Who are your friends? What value do they add to your life? Do they share the same dreams or passion as you? Get involved with body or group that has your kind of passion. No man is an island. You really need the right relationships or connections to get your inspiration on the go. 

Brainstorm for Ideas
Spontaneously generate ideas on issues of importance to you. You can do this alone or with a group of friends. Compare the generated ideas, and pick out the best of them. Brainstorming stirs up the dust of our thoughts and revitalizes our stream of inspiration. It also helps to filter the right ideas out of our numerous streams of ideas. 

Finally, I encourage us to live our dreams. Don't let it remain in your heart for ever because unless a dream is actualized, it is as good as no dream at all. I strongly believe that God wills that all of us prosper. His thought for us is that of good and not of evil. Don't you ever forget that.

Good Wishes,

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