Monday, 4 August 2014


To live is to meet challanges. The path of life is not a levelled ground. Whether you are ready and equipped for the challanges of life or not, they must come your way. The concept of a perfect world is a mirage; it doesn't exist.

In relationships, sometimes, we taste their bitter parts: family dispute, jittery or betrayal by a loved one. At times in life we experience financial issues  at a point when so many bills are waiting for us to be paid. The death of someone so dear and indispensable to us can plunge us into pains.  Unfulfilled career or destiny is another issue to worry about.

I observed that the older we grow; the bigger our obligations. We shouldn't run away from our problems instead we must tackle them head on. Even when the expenses of your education, for instance, are being taken care of, you are still faced with the responsibility of making a good grade. When it is time to join the labour market, the issues of getting a good job or starting one, paying some unavoidable bills, finding the right partner, providing for your family, etc will be there waiting for us. I call these challenges "promotional tests". Why? Because if you overcome; you get stronger and wiser than you were.  But if you are defeated; you become a failure, at least in that aspect. Life is not and will never be a bed of roses. In this article, I explored practical ways by which we can overcome hard times. Let's go there.

Understand that life and difficulties are inseparable 
life is not problem-free. No problem exists for your personal failure. When you have prior understanding that life may not always be rosy, you will be equipped for its problems whenever they come. Have the mindset that any challenge you meet is there to test your inner strength, and will eventually bring about your promotion. How will life be if we don't encounter disappointments, financial problems, etc? Interesting, isn't  it? Well, problem-free life is in the paradise not here. So, buckle up.

Nothing good comes easy
When you get something at cheap price, how do you value it? It takes a huge some of money, time, commitment, and hard studies to obtain high levels in the academic field. It takes education (formal or informal), hard work, finance, partnership, honesty, and even patience to build and maintain a successful business. It takes good academic grade, competence, respectfulness, and many others to secure and keep a good job. Also, love, commitment, truthfulness, and fidelity are required to maintain a healthy relationship. So you see, nothing good comes easy. Put in your best and patiently hope for the best because great things are worked for, and are not come by.

Tackle your fears 
What is it that steals your night sleep? Tackle it head on. Don't run away from it. Are you afraid of failing your school tests, betrayal by a loved one, losing your present job, or not taking your business to the level you supposed it to be? Work hard to see the kind of results you want instead. It is said that fear represents false evidence against reality. If you think so (and I think so), wait to fear because your greatest fear doesn't really exist.

Look out for the good side of your trial
In every difficulty, there is a lesson to learn. Sit down and analyse the situation critically. Ask yourself, am I losing out in every aspect? Is there anything that is happening to my favour? There always is, but only smart people locate the treasure. I want to believe you are that smart person. When you discover the treasure, fix your mind on it and console yourself with it. You are not losing all.

Face the present
Don't brood too much on your unpleasant past. Find out where you went wrong, make necessary corrections, and face the present. Let all by-gone be by-gone. Yesterday is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Apply the lessons you learnt from your yesterday's mistakes to make your present better. Channel all your resources (time, knowledge and money) to the present. Remember, if you get the present right, your future can be rest assured.

Show gratitude
When everything "seems" to be working against you, heartily thank God, at least for the gift of life. What about those who died prematurely with their unfulfilled dreams? What about those suffering from chronic diseases, and have lost hope of ever returning to the comfort of their families? Are you worried because you lost a loved one? What about those who never experienced love? There are many who don't even know their families, or do you think such people don't exist? Do you want to kill yourself because you lost your job or a business deal? What about those who never had the opportunity to get formal education, let alone getting a decent job or a business establishment to call their own? Do you want to commit suicide because your partner jilted you? What about those who lost their lives to a violent relationship? Is being alive to tell your story not enough reason to be thankful? I am not disputing the fact that we humans naturally feel bad when things don't work out to our favour. No, I am not. Remember we are talking about overcoming hard times here. So instead of worrying over things that didn't work out well for you, be thankful and look forward to a better tomorrow. There is always light at the end of a tunnel.

Improve your social life
Avoid being idle. Spend more times with  families and friends  you can confide in. Meet people, and join in general discussions. Don't tell everyone your problems, except a professional in the area you are having issues, because all of us have our individual problems. If you do, be prepared to see yourself become the topic of the day. While, socialising, run away from intoxicants like hard drugs or excessive intake of alcohol. Intoxicants will not allow you to think properly but will add to your problems. Be yourself and understand that whatever problem you are having now will not kill you, unless you allow it.

Get motivational books and CDs
Occupy your mind with motivational books. Put on inspiring CDs and listen attentively in your less-busy hours. Visit sites that provide motivational articles. This blog is a good example.

While praying, don't ask for a problem-free life because it is not feasible. Ask for wisdom, courage and endurance to overcome any problem you may encounter in life. Great heights are achieved by higher percentage of perspiration and very low percentage of inspiration. Your present is what matters because it is the stage you can affect. No matter your troubles, you are not alone. We all encounter problems, and so, be of good cheer. Do not lose it in times of trials for trials come and go. You are capable of this race. So ride on.

Best wishes

Feel free to add your comments. You can also share with us the measures you employed to defeat your difficult times. You never can tell who it will help.





  1. what an interesting write up. thanks alot.

  2. You are welcome dear. Thanks for making out time to read it.