Thursday, 28 August 2014


What do you believe in? What do you represent? Are you the kind of person whose choices in life are always overridden? Can you always maintain your ground in an issue you are fully convinced that you are on the right path? Do you so much cherish a society where tolerance, freedom and varieties prevail? If you are one, then this piece is for you.

I am writing this piece for those who so much love a corrupt-free society, where everyone is treated equally irrespective of his or her race, religion, educational background, social status or financial status. I mean people who are sacrificial and can never rest until things are
done the right way. 

Below are the benefits you stand to gain if you fight to finish:

It defines who you are
When you take a stand (a good one for that matter) and maintain it, it tells who you are. It shows what you represent; you calibre. If you are the kind of person who stands by the truth, do your job as you are supposed, keep to your promises, and the like, people who know you very well will always tell anyone who takes you otherwise that, " if you think that "Stella" is going to change her mind on this, you need to think again because she will not". Everybody will know that you are a no nonsense person; that's the identity you've got for yourself.

It brings out your hidden potentials
Anytime you stand up against something of which most people approve, you should be prepared to be on your own. This is because most people you depend on; who have a different view as you, will surely desert you. You will be left with no option but to struggle  to survive all by yourself. A son or daughter who refuses to marry his or her (influencial) parents' choice of life partner stands the chance of losing such parents' support of any kind. An employee who refuses to support the impunites of his boss does so at the expense of his job. A person who disapproves of the bad lifestyle of his or her spouse risks the unity of their marriage. An activist who speaks against the atrocities and corruption in the government invokes the anger of "oga at the top". What does this turn out of events do to you? It brings out the potentials in you, and forces you to struggle to live. It takes you out of your comfort zone; making you to achieve greater things you never knew you could do. It energises you to fight a good fight and make name for yourself of which you wouldn't have done had things not turn out the way they did. 

It decorates you with honour and fame
Yes, you will be honoured by all because you did a good job. The good works you did will speak for you far and wide. People who never came in contact with you will know you by your deeds because uncommon deeds spread like wild fire.  People like Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the Great Mandela of South Africa, to mention but a few, are they not honoured even in death? Their fame is still speaking because they stood their ground. 

The end result is always freedom
Yes, it is freedom from the oppression, impunity and all the vices you stand against. Once you fought to finish and refused to stray from your initial stand, you must surely win; evil shall never prevail over good. Even though you may not live to experience the freedom, those after you will be at liberty because of the good fight you fought.

It inspires people of like mind
The reputation and freedom you achieved by standing for what is right are sources of inspiration to others who will like to follow your footsteps. They will act as a catalyst to the hope and encouragement others need to follow suit in doing good because it pays.

Dear friend, don't just give up for any reason. Keep doing good and always stand for what is right for the above benefits, and many more, will surely be yours at the end.

Your turn:
Do you think this piece has something to offer? Feel free to comment other benefits that are not mentioned here. Let your friends also read it because it is beneficial to all people of good will. Don't keep this to yourself alone, share it.

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