Monday, 8 September 2014


You are created to be at your best in all that you do. God does not create a failure, but you have the will power to remain in this state or choose otherwise. Make a conscious effort to be the best at whatever you do. Always go for the best and not the average. Eschew eye-service; do things excellently irrespective of who is watching.

Imbibe the character of making sure that anything you decide to do is properly done, and also make it a policy to go over it again and again so as to give no room for unnecessary error. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose a
vocation for which you have burning passion, not the profits you will gain thereof. It is this passion that will keep you going even in the midst of loss.

Don't try to even your performance with others'. Let people do things the way they choose but don't copy their wrong styles. Always uphold excellence in all you do, not minding the rewards to be accrued from them for by so doing you will definitely stand out amongst others. Let the excellent spirit in you be manifested in all that you do.

Don't join the bandwagon rather try your best to correct the rotten patterns that are prevalent in your society. It is a common tradition that most people do government jobs with "I don't care" attitude, and still get away with it because it is no man's business. Will you also do the same? You don't have to work that way if you have an excellent spirit. Shun mediocrity, bribery and corruption. 

Are you in a relationship? Put in your best. Don't take advantage of the other person. Always think of what to do in the interest of the other person, not what you stand to gain out of it.

When you do things excellently and I do the same, our world will be healed of all its iniquities; money meant for the running of the affairs of a country will not be diverted for personal use, quality medical services and standard education will be accessible to all and sundry, all our roads will be motorable, electricity and germs-free water will be available not just to people living in the city but also to those living in the rural areas. 

Best wishes

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