Tuesday, 23 September 2014


In the part 1 of this article, I discussed important things you need to know about relationships(marriage). In this part 2, I will be discussing essential elements of a sweet relationship. I call them ingredients of sweet relationship. There is this my local adage which says, "better soup na money make am" (ie, tasty soup is costly). For every sweet relationship, the parties involved invested a lot in it. Here are the elements:

You cannot truly stay long in a relationship with someone you don't love. You should first of all, have an affection for someone before you can
deam it fit to enter into marriage with such a person. I am not talking about love as a result of beauty, handsomeness, achievements, social status, family background but love for the individual himself/herself. Mind you, love is meant to be expressed in words and actions, don't keep it in your heart.

You must have an element of trust for someone you think deserves being in a relationship with you. You should be able to trust the person with your food, secrets, dreams and of course, your wealth, otherwise the person is not worth it. Funny enough, some can trust their partners with their food, secrets, dreams but not with their wealth (money), never! The truth is that it shouldn't be that way.

Steady and intimate communication 
You both need to communicate your love for each other, your dreams, problems, everything. It is through steady and intimate communication that you will get to know and understand each other better. How will your partner know what makes you happy if you keep it to yourself?

You should be very ready to give your time and attention to your partner. Spend reasonable time together to keep the intimacy afresh. When a relationship is not nourished with time and attention, the parties involved tend to drift away from each other. Consequently, the gap created as a result of this may be filled by an interested third party; that spells doom for the relationship. As for me, I prefer attention to expensive cloths and jewellery.

Do you agree with me that there is no Miss or Mr right? If you do, that means you also agree that we all have our flaws, and so are bound to err. So, for us to live together in happiness, we should be able to forgive one another. In a sweet relationship, the partners forgive each other even before the offender asks for it. It may not be easy to do but you seriously need it, at least, for your own good.

In a sweet relationship, it is always about "US" not me. The partners easily compromise, tolerate, always care for each other and generously give to the necessity of the other.

You should feel free to express your feelings, what annoys you, and also call the attention of the other person whenever he/she offends you knowingly or unknowingly. Don't bear grudges but voice it and reconcile as soon as possible. It is very important that you two do the reconciliation yourselves; no third party. That's what me and partner do.

You guys should be sexually, physically and emotionally close. Sex is a great marriage bond, that's why whenever infidelity creeps into a marriage, the partners may be living under one roof but they will be so apart from each other. The benefits of living together with your partner can never be over emphasised. As for being emotionally close, you will agree with me that your mood at any point in time affects that of your partner. Being emotionally close demands that you share in each other's state of mind.

Yes fun! Play together, get out on a date often, engage in healthy arguments. You shouldn't be mean to each other, rather be best friends.

A family that prays together stays together. Make God the Pilot of the affairs of your family, and you will never regret doing so. I and my partner are a living testimony. In case you haven't read the part 1 of this article, here is it.

Best wishes

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