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Procrastination is the act of deferring an action or actions that can possibly be done now to a later time hoping to get such task done in the later period. The action here can be likened to an adventure or any activity that is very vital to you or whatever you intend to become in the nearest future.

One funny thing about procrastination is that the person finds himself
postponing again the very task he hoped to do, when he gets to the appointed time. This chain of postponement continues this way until the person gives up the idea of doing such task.

A man who defers an investment he wants to make, whenever the money comes his way, hoping to make the investment when next another expected money comes, is suffering from procrastination. He might have used the money for something else (which may also be useful to him), but the postponed investment here is of higher priority to him. It should be noted that procrastination is different from deferring an action because another action that demands urgency arises, and in which case the two actions can't be performed at the same time.

Is procrastination detrimental to your future? Emphatically, yes! Here are the dangers:

Wasted opportunity 
The initial opportunity you had to do that vital task is wasted because you did not make use of it. Remember, the task we are talking about here is of higher priority to you at the moment. You may say, "but I did another thing". Yes you might have done that, but whatever task you did means less to you and your value compared to the forgone task. You know, when something is wasted, it does not necessarily mean nothing useful or good was got out of it, rather what you got or achieved is nothing compared to what you could have got were you to properly utilise the opportunity.

Procrastination promotes laziness which is a big enemy to greatness. The two can never work together. No one can achieve a bright future with lazy attitude, impossible! Even the Bible makes it clear that there is no food for a lazy man.

It makes you fall below your best
Procrastination devalues a person. A person who always procrastinates can never be at his peak performance, even an average level will be a hard achievement to come by to such person. It makes one's potentials and initiatives undeveloped or underutilised, because these features are fully utilised when performing a demanding and urgent tasks. That is, it makes your productivity low.

Procrastination does not allow a person to move forward in life. It promotes stagnancy. What does it mean to move forward in life? It means that your life gets better everyday; where you are today is better than where you were yesterday, and where you will be tomorrow will be better than where you are today. It is an upward and forward life. This kind of life can never be achieved in procrastination but by doing things as and when due. The best way to become become backward in life is to procrastinate, just defer actions whenever they need to be done.

The way out
Plan yourself very well, and before time too. Schedule your activities and let nothing stop you from carrying them out when their time comes. Start with short term plans, and then progress to long term ones. Always and vehemently resist the temptation to procrastinate. Don't wait for tomorrow to do what you can possibly do now for tomorrow may not offer you the opportunity again. See every opportunity that comes your way as the last one standing because a bird at hand is worth more than ten in the bush.

As for me, I believe in the Holy Spirit of God who causes us to do extra ordinary things. It empowers me to do things I couldn't do by my human power. He can willingly do that for you if only you will let Him.

Best wishes

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