Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Let's take this illustration; lady A was stranded on a high way at an godly hour in the night. Luckily for her, a good samaritan just came from no where and gave her a free ride. When she reached her destination, all she could do was to leave without saying thank you to the person. How do you think the good samaritan will feel? Bad, right? That is how a benefactor feels when his beneficiary fails to appreciate him. Actually, I don't think people help others so they (benefactors) will be appreciated but because they are
naturally kind hearted. Yes, because one 
can still choose not to help, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

It should be emphasised that being appreciative and thankful is very powerful. Some people think that it's their right to be treated kindly, helped, sponsored in school or any other area, and so, they need not be thankful to their benefactors. It shouldn't be so. I believe if you think it's anyone's responsibility to carter for you in any way, then it's also your responsibility to be appreciative to that person. Some other people feel that they can't express their gratitude enough, and so, they resort to giving nothing at all. Hear them: "he knows I have nothing to give, so he shouldn't expect anything from me", "he is very rich. There is nothing I can give to match his worth". What a life! Have you forgotten that it wasn't the amount of the widow's mite (in the Bible) that made it
commendable but the manner in which it was given. He that is unfaithful in little will not be faithful in surplus.

Appreciation is meant to be expressed and not to be felt; you show appreciation ( to your benefactor), you don't keep it to yourself. If you don't express your gratitude, no one will ever know you are grateful for what was done for you.
You can show appreciation in different ways some of which include:
 * saying "thank you", "I'm so grateful", etc.
 * giving a gift (no matter how small) to. your benefactor.
 * opting to give a free service to your benefactor.
 * helping a relative or friend of your benefa in the way you can.

Being appreciative can never be over emphasised. Here are the powerful benefits of being appreciative:

It creates a closer relationship between you and your benefactor. When you appreciate your benefactor (in any way), you are actually creating an avenue for a closer and fruitful relationship between you both. By doing this, you are bringing back the picture of yourself into your benefactor's mind. It's not just a picture but a picture of an unforgetful friend who values kind gestures; a friend who can be entrusted with more and bigger favour. You know what? Your benefactor will have no other option but to know you more and possibly ask if there is any other way he can help you. In this life, relationships matter a lot. It will save you many years of stress and frustration when looking for a job. It will save you many barriers when bidding for a contract. It keeps your door of favour everly open.

It's an act of greatness. It takes a great person to be thankful. You don't have to do mighty things before  you can become great but you can by doing little things that matter, one of which is being appreciative. A great person knows it's more blessed to give than to receive, and so he makes it a habit to appreciate favour done to him in any way he can. He so much loves the dignity and respect that go with giving. 

It portrays you a responsible person. "So, you mean if I'm not thankful then I'm not responsible?", someone may ask. Ok, look at it this way; a responsible person knows and does his duties. He fully takes up his responsibilities and acknowledges that his benefactor went out of his responsibilities to help him, and as such, he shouldn't be taken for granted. It means you know what it takes to accomplish what was done for you free of charge.

Dear friends, when next someone treats you kindly, don't forget to say a heart felt thank you. May be it is time to visit that benefactor who helped you secure a job, admission into a school or business contract. Take a gift with you. Express how grateful you are (even though it's God that made everything possible). You will be glad you did.

Best wishes


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