Saturday, 22 November 2014


In life, you must surely receive criticism, especially when you are living out a passion. It is important to know that not all criticism is demeaning. Criticism can be constructive (good and corrective) or destructive (out of jealousy). A constructive criticism points out flaws in your work and logically profers solution on how to get it right. It first acknowledges your efforts and then goes further to tell you where you are not as perfect as
expected, and possibly offers solution. A destructive criticism on the other hand sees nothing good in everything you do neither does it have any meaningful solution to offer you.

As a matter of fact, the way you respond to criticism is what makes the difference. In order to get the best out of criticism, adhere to the following:

Be attentive to your critics
Oh yes, hear him out with an open mind. Don't just brush away criticism because you may miss out a constructive one by so doing. Give a listening ear to your critics and sincerely analyse what they said. An attentive ear and a careful analysis will enable you to tell if a criticism is a good one or otherwise, and only then can you place the criticism where it belongs (your treasure house or trash can).

Pick correction from a constructive criticism 
No one knows it all. Find out from your critic what he thinks is the best way out, and when he does, critically consider the  solution. A critic who offers you a meaningful solution in the end means well for you, and you shouldn't turn such person down. In like manner, a critic who sees nothing good in everything you do and doesn't have useful solution to offer either is not worth listening to; he is out to pull you down but you shouldn't allow that to happen.

See criticism as an encouragement 
Rather than fight criticism, see it as a motivator. Don't fight it else you give it power, and don't let it run you down either. Anyone who cannot manage criticism will really find it difficult to go far in life because the higher your social status, the stronger (and even more destructive) the criticism that will come your way. The mere fact that you are being criticised should make you realise you are doing something worthy enough to attract people's attention, and so, you've got to improve in your performance to define your value. If no one talks about you, then you are nobody. 

Never give up
Don't just give up because someone told you that you are not getting it right. That is his opinion not yours neither is it God's opinion about you. Interestingly, what others think about you doesn't really matter. What matters is whom you think you are and whom God has made you. The best answer you can give your critics is SUCCESS. How many times you failed before succeeding is not an issue at all. Keep on trying until you get it right. Never allow failure and destructive criticism to make you give up on your passion, rather do it over and over again until you become perfect. Determination is the key here.

Best wishes 

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